Thursday, 3 November 2011

Abject Apologies!!, & It's That Time Again!!

For some reason I totally forgot about this 'blog, I guess it's due to my advancing years, as I was 46 last month.

Well, threr's been quite a few races, both road & fell, since my inaugural entries to this site.

However, the 'Harriers verses Cyclists' is coming round again - very fast! In fact, as I type, it's only a 'week on Saturday'

Now, the big question for me is.... 'Do I ride it, or run it this year?'

Initial intentions are to run it, but if any of my club-mates do travel up to run it, I might be tempted to ride (despite almost 2 years away from the Cyclo-Cross scene) just to see if I'm faster on two-wheels than they are on two-legs.

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